The SHL has had many blockbuster moves and huge deals go on over the past week, while the playoffs are on. This involves big trades, and their redactions, as well as the final draft summary.

The Taoshi Kobasigawa trade

The news that encircled the SHL three weeks ago about Taoshi Kobasigawa going to the Orange Orators, and then the New Harbour Blues in exchange for draft picks and up-and-comings has been redone in order to keep Taoshi for the Red Nukes.

The new deal is: The Orange Orators will get rookie prospect Kale Draeson (G) and Todd Gonzaulo in exchange for some of their picks, Chad Hoffman and Derek Kaushi. The New Harbour Blues will receive Marcus Salrist (G) and Tim Bakers for Chris Tyarin and Ethan Krueger.

Taoshi was originally going to leave the Nukes for two years for these picks to factor, but Red has negotiated otherwise. The picks for Orange and NHB won't be eligible for SHL play until the 2018-2019 Season.

Rick Dowan Done?

Rick Dowan, whom is now a free agent, signed a 1-year deal with the New Harbour Blues for his final year, or his "swan song" as he calls it. It has been confirmed he will serve as backup to Joel Kirkquist to backup his confidence. Orange got nothing from the trade, but the number for Dowan will be honoured in August in their dome.

Retiring Ceremonies

Many players announced their retirement this year, such as Andy Marketh of the Scarlet Saviors (who is currently backing up Drew Gaudron). The full list will be revealed soon.