Ten analysts predicted the winner of this year's SHL/XHL Cup (SHL Cup)

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Pros/Cons of each winning selection

16px-WarlordsLogo.png Damon City Warlords

  • Pros: Record-breaking power play, offensive done development is outstanding.
  • Cons: Defense is more offensive-based rather than defensive-based, at least the bottom 4.

16px-TeamXLogo.png Team X

  • Pros: Well versed, all around team, firing on all cylinders.
  • Cons: Bottom 10 are primarily defensive based whereas Top 10 are offensive-based.

16px-Bnlogo.png Branton Nickels

  • Pros: Sleeper defender, Branton's offensive strategies woke up this season
  • Cons: Rick Dumon as starter for playoffs first-time, defensive downfall.

16px-Mflogo.png Mountain Flyers

  • Pros: Offensively sharp, exceptional two-way strategy. Graham Grant finished season hot.
  • Cons: Defensive-based Top 10, Bottom 10 focuses less on two-way strength.

16px-Urlogo.png Ultimate Royals

  • Pros: Well-developed team consisting of great offense and defense.
  • Cons: Tyson Schauss under pressure, inexperienced rookies in playoffs.

16px-Bblogo.png Benton Bruisers

  • Pros: Best defense in the league, and exceptional scoring two-way plays.
  • Cons: Despite the significant defense, one injury could cripple the chain.

16px-RNLogo.png Red Nukes

  • Pros: Taoshi Kobasigawa on a mission, offense and defense are surging.
  • Cons: Inexperienced rookies in playoffs, Bottom 10 scoring chances.