The SHL Cup is the most prestigious award in the SHL, being awarded to the team who wins the SHL Playoffs out of the participating sixteen. The first cup was awarded in the 2004-2005 Season. The cup has been won by seven different teams and given out a total of eleven times. 16px-TeamXLogo.png Team X has won the cup a total of four times with five appearances, with their only loss being to the 16px-Urlogo.png Ultimate Royals who have won it twice.

Currently, as of the 2014-2015 Season, the current holder is 16px-TeamXLogo.png Team X who have defeated the 16px-RNLogo.png Red Nukes 4-2.


The cup is made from 16 teams who qualify for the playoffs. From 2004-2011, the top four from each division would fight for the cup. From 2011-2015, the format was organized to incorporate the top 16 teams at the end of the year. In 2015 onward, it will resume the classic format, but will incorporate the Wild Card, where a team from another conference who is out of the Top 4 can take the position of another team with less points. The first place winner will get to verse the worst team in their division. The top first and second place team in the league gets a Swap Seed, allowing them to swap with any other second place team (or first place team for 1st place). The second place team will fight the third place team.

For example, in the 2006-2007 Season, 16px-TeamXLogo.png Team X and 16px-AALogo.png Astral Aeroes won the Swap Seeds. Team X chose not to use it, while Astral swapped with the Mountain Flyers. Because of this, and some luck, Astral went on to the finals.


Roster of ChampionsEdit

1991-1992 16px-TeamXLogo.png Team XEdit

1992-1993 16px-Urlogo.png Ultimate RoyalsEdit

1993-1994 Template:TeamDaikuSmall Team Daiku (Team DC)Edit

1994-1995 16px-RNLogo.png Red NukesEdit

1995-1996 16px-TeamXLogo.png Team XEdit

1996-1997 16px-Cclogo.png Citadel CenturionsEdit

1997-1998 16px-Korenlogo.png Koren KillersEdit

1998-1999 16px-AALogo.png Astral AeroesEdit

1999-2000 16px-TeamXLogo.png Team XEdit

2000-2001 16px-RNLogo.png Red NukesEdit

2001-2002 16px-Urlogo.png Ultimate RoyalsEdit

2002-2003 16px-Ghlogo.png Green HornetsEdit

2003-2004 16px-Knightslogo.png Kimberly KnightsEdit

2004-2005 16px-TeamXLogo.png Team XEdit

2008-2009: 16px-Oologo.png Orange OratorsEdit

2009-2010: 16px-TeamXLogo.png Team XEdit

2010-2011: 16px-Mflogo.png Mountain FlyersEdit

2011-2012: 16px-Ghlogo.png Green HornetsEdit

2012-2013: 16px-Knightslogo.png Kimberly KnightsEdit

2013-2014: 16px-AALogo.png Astral AeroesEdit

2014-2015: 16px-TeamXLogo.png Team XEdit

2015-2016: 16px-Bladelogo.png Black BladesEdit

2016-2017: 16px-Bnlogo.png Branton NickelsEdit

2017-2018: 16px-Bblogo.png Benton BruisersEdit