Captains are the leaders of an SHL team who inspire leadership, courage, and victory. Captains are often chosen through consensus. A captain so far in the league has never been traded, and they usually uphold an oath to lead their team to victory, as well as never desert the team. There are also Alternate/Assistant Captains who lead when the captain is unable to do so.

Team Captain Assistants
Airdrie High Angels Nik Incideus
Ashtown Horsemen Brian Clyde
Astral Aeroes Andy Martin
Benton Bruisers Vince Benson
Black Blades David Fijin
Branton Nickels Ted Mauvre
Brown Buccaneers Brad Brent
Citadel Centurions Roy Vallus
Crimson Ninjas Louie Grimm
Crozac Cardinals Karl Crombly
Escudo Executioners Hunter Sandberg
Green Hornets Vidal Vice
Kimberly Knights Tanner Gastrom
Koren Killers Edward Marder
Mountain Flyers Geber Lopezel
New Harbour Blues Rick Lundin
Orange Orators Oakley Marrow
Red Nukes Chen Shijin
Scarlet Saviors Algo Lon
Team Daiku Daiku Javielle
Team X Nick Phillips
Ultimate Royals Oliver Marton
White Warlocks Walt Wally
Yellow Flash Barry Bolt

Former CaptainsEdit